Find out everything there is to know about Kaqun technology, how it works and its benefits for the body.

Oxygen, the foundation of life. 

Oxygen is essential for our body, our health and our vitality. It is distributed to the billions of cells in our body to fuel it and produce energy.

Kaqun® is an innovative technology that delivers an exceptionally high level of oxygen to your cells, promoting oxygenation and cell renewal.

Kaqun® water is also distinguished by its special molecular structure, which makes it more easily absorbed by the body’s cells. Thanks to this concentration, Kaqun water plays an important role in your body’s hypoxia level.

What is hypoxia ? 
Commonly known as “oxygen deficiency”, the scientific term “hypoxia” refers to the state of our cells when they do not receive sufficient oxygen. This can be due to a poor lifestyle linked to a sedentary lifestyle, diet, stress and pollution. 

Kaqun story

Kaqun® since 1960

The Kaqun® adventure began in the 1960s, as part of a multidisciplinary project involving American, French and Israeli researchers. In 1999, the project was taken over by Dr Robert Lyons. Following his clinical research on hypoxia, this Hungarian scientist developed Kaqun® technology, the aim of which is to maximise the oxygen content of water in a stable and sustainable way.

Kaqun®, a Hungarian technology…

The historic Kaqun® centre is located in Budapest. This centre welcomed people from all over the world who wanted to experience the benefits of Kaqun® water. Since then, other centres have opened around the world, including in Las Vegas, Dubai and Singapore.

The arrival of Kaqun® in France

In June 2022, Kaqun® arrived in France at our Holiséa centre. This is the only centre in France offering the benefits of this water through baths and water to drink. Located in the 8th arrondissement, in the heart of Paris, your Holiséa centre is open 7 days a week.

How does it work ? 


The oxygen is stabilised in a unique form that is easily absorbed by the body. By immersing yourself in these baths or drinking the water, the oxygen penetrates directly into the cells, promoting better oxygenation of the tissues and increased cell regeneration


Kaqun technology follows the law of pressure equalisation: the difference in oxygen partial pressure between two environments means that the environment with a higher partial pressure (Kaqun water) will supply the environment with the lower partial pressure (hypoxic zone such as cell degeneration, wounds, inflammation) in order to balance the two environments. In this case, Kaqun water with its very high partial pressure detects the very low partial pressure in wounds, for example, in order to destroy the hypoxic shield and balance the two environments.

The benefits of Kaqun water

Naturally increases the body’s oxygen level

Better oxygenation of your cells and tissues will promote your overall state of well-being. You will regain your energy, vitality and mental clarity.

Help with physical conditioning and recovery

Kaqun® water is a choice option for sportspeople looking to optimise their performance, improve their recovery and prevent injuries linked to intense physical effort.

Promotes hydration and skin cell regeneration

Kaqun® water promotes the regeneration of skin cells, resulting in improved skin appearance, anti-ageing action, better healing and reduced skin inflammation.

Contribute to a functional immune system

Improved oxygenation of cells can boost the body’s ability to fight infection, combat free radicals and promote better immune reactivity.

Who can benefit from Kaqun® technology ?

Energy & performance

Feeling tired? Lack of vitality? or intense exercise?

Healing & anti-ageing

An operation? Scars or skin problems?

Recovery & well-being

Stressed out? or in the mood for a moment of relaxation?

The Kaqun baths

How Kaqun baths work ?

Kaqun® baths use advanced technology to charge the water with oxygen. The water is two to three times more oxygen-rich than the air we breathe. In less than an hour, your body is saturated with oxygen at cellular level, kick-starting the cell regeneration process.

Why does having a bath make it easier to absorb oxygen?

Kaqun® baths increase your body’s surface area for absorbing oxygen. By immersing yourself completely in Kaqun® water heated to between 36°C and 38°C, your skin’s pores dilate, allowing oxygen from the water to be absorbed more effectively. This improves oxygenation of internal tissues and organs, promoting blood circulation, increased cell regeneration and a greater supply of oxygen to muscles and vital organs.

Kaqun® water is particularly concentrated in oxygen compared with conventional water. Conventional water, even perfectly pure water, or traditional thermal water, contains 0.3% dissolved oxygen. Kaqun® bath water contains 7.4% (16-18 mg/l). What’s more, the oxygen contained in the water is stable and the pH of the water is alkaline (8.9 to 9.2).

Finally, Kaqun® baths offer a holistic experience that promotes physical and mental well-being. By improving relaxation, reducing stress and promoting a better quality of sleep, baths can help relieve muscle and joint pain, promote detoxification of the body and improve the appearance of the skin by deeply moisturising it.


Dr. Lyons recommends taking several baths, as part of a cure for example, to optimise the benefits for your body. The benefits will be felt over time.

Drink Kaqun® water for everyday benefits.

Drinking Kaqun® water prepares you for and extends the benefits of bathing, so you can enjoy optimal internal and external hydration. This dual hydration promotes better cell function, strengthens the immune system, improves vitality and supports good cardiovascular health.


Kaqun® bottled water is made from spring water from the Bükk mountains in Hungary. It undergoes a purification process before entering the Kaqun® system, which develops the oxygen content of the water molecule. The result is purified drinking water with a stable high oxygen content and a pH of between 7.1 and 7.4.

Any other questions ?