Kaqun® water, your physical condition’s ally

The impact of Kaqun on the body

Kaqun® water is an option for sportspeople who want to optimise their performance, promote rapid recovery and prevent injuries associated with intense physical effort.

Kaqun® baths can help improve sports performance by optimising oxygen use, increasing endurance and reducing fatigue. The properties of Kaqun® water help to oxygenate muscles and improve energy production during physical effort. In fact, Kaqun® water helps to increase athletes’ VO2 max, giving them a greater capacity to use oxygen.

Enriched with active molecular oxygen, this water is an exceptional source of hydration, essential for any athlete looking to improve their performance naturally and effectively.

A faster recovery 

Kaqun® water contributes to muscle recovery by reducing inflammation and lactate production and accelerating cell regeneration. Its unique properties also help to neutralise the free radicals generated during intense physical exercise, helping to minimise cellular damage and optimise recovery.

Ideal water for sports enthusiasts

Adequate hydration is essential for optimal sports performance, and the higher oxygen content of Kaqun® water contributes to better cellular energy production. By incorporating Kaqun® water into their daily routine, athletes can see an improvement in their physical condition, endurance and recovery capacity.

In conclusion, Kaqun® water stands out as a precious ally for athletes of all levels, offering significant benefits for both performance and recovery. Adopting Kaqun® water into your training regime could be the key to reaching new heights.