Kaqun Timeless Desire Hyaluronic Booster 75 ml

Kaqun energizing face cream with very high oxygen content and enriched with hyaluronic acid.

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Discover the benefits of oxygen with the Kaqun range. Fundamental to our bodies, health and vitality, oxygen is delivered in abundance to billions of cells to nourish them and stimulate energy production. By highlighting this aspect, Kaqun offers you an innovative approach to wellness, helping to improve your physical and mental health for an optimal sense of well-being. Using Kaqun products helps bring oxygen to your skin, promoting hydration, radiance and suppleness.

Benefits of Kaqun Hyaluronic Facial Booster:
- Provides skin with oxygen
- Helps reduce fine wrinkles
- Improves skin barrier function and elasticity
- Optimizes water reserves and circulation
- Helps restore skin's youthful and rested appearance
- Moisturizing effect thanks to amino acids.

To know more :

How KAQUN® technology can help us in our daily lives ?
Oxygen is essential for our body, our health, and our vitality. Kaqun® is an innovative technology that delivers an optimal amount of oxygen to your body, helping to oxygenate and renew your cells. It is distributed to the billions of cells in our body to fuel it and produce energy.
Where is KAQUN® water produced ?

Drinking Kaqun® bottled water offers additional benefits to baths and cures, such as optimal hydration and internal oxygenation. This promotes better cellular function, strengthens the immune system, improves vitality and supports good cardiovascular health. Drinking Kaqun® water in addition to a bath cure provides a holistic approach to optimising the benefits of oxygenation and hydration from both inside and outside the body.

Where kaqun water is produced ?

KAQUN drinking water is made in Hungary from natural spring water.

How much oxygen does Kaqun water contain ?
According to our measurements, KAQUN water can store up to 16-18.5 mg/l of dissolved oxygen and 400-550 mmHg of oxygen partial pressure, depending on its temperature. This value is 2 to 3 times higher than what is stored in air.
Why is Kaqun water different ?

Kaqun® water is no ordinary water, as it contains a high concentration of oxygen. Made from spring water from the Bükk mountains in Hungary, Kaqun® water has a special molecular structure that makes it easily absorbable by the body’s cells. As a result, it can generate numerous benefits for our bodies. One of them is helping to reduce your body’s level of hypoxia.

How does my body absorb the oxygen in kaqun water ?

Due to the high oxygen content of KAQUN water, oxygen penetrates cells directly, either through the skin or the oesophagus, within seconds. This process is based on the physical law of pressure equalization: the difference in oxygen partial pressure between two environments means that the environment with the higher partial pressure will supply the environment with the lower partial pressure called a hypoxic zone in order to balance the two environments. In this case, Kaqun water, with its very high partial pressure, detects the very low partial pressure at wound level to destroy the hypoxic shield and balance the two environments.

Our tips

We recommend drinking one to two litres of Kaqun® water a day for optimum hydration and preferably between meals, for better absorption of nutrients. Drinking Kaqun water must be supplemented by drinking mineral water of your choice, as Kaqun water does not provide any nutrients or minerals.

 Kaqun® water is not a substitute for a healthy diet. It is important to maintain a balanced diet, rich in fruits, vegetables and other nutrients.

 The amount of Kaqun® water consumed may vary according to your individual needs, physical activity, climate, and other factors. It is recommended that you consult a health professional for personalized advice.

 It can be consumed by everyone, including kids, pregnant women and pets.

 For maximum effectiveness, it is advisable to combine Kaqun baths with Kaqun® water.

 Store in a dry, temperate place away from light. The properties of the water may be reduced by intense heat or cold.

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